Burt Bacharach Jazz Tribute

Hello Burt!

Hello Burt! is a jazz trio presenting the music of Burt Bacharach with an elegantly small lineup so composed:

  • Sandro Santilli – Trumpet / lead voice

    Sandro has being playing any musical instrument encountered ever since he can remember. Fell in love with Trumpet at first sight in 2016 and started this project with Elisabetta in 2018.

  • Elisabetta Fratoni – Bass / vocalist

    Elisabetta sings from the age of 9, with numerous experiences as a backing singer for well-known italian artists since 1985. Her rhythmic feel and great musical ear drove her into the arms of Bass in 2018.

  • Valeria Paci – Piano / vocalist

    Valeria is a multi-instrumentalist graduated as a jazz singer from the Saint Louis College of Music of Rome in 2012. Becoming aware of the project in 2022, she brought in her harmonies with Piano.